What Are the Types of Materials Used to Make Crowns?

What Are the Types of Materials Used to Make Crowns?

Oct 29, 2020

Dental crowns are caps fixed over the teeth to restore your teeth’s strength, appearance, and functionality. These dental fixtures are durable, lasting between seven and 15 years, though with proper care, they can last for longer than that.

One benefit of using dental crowns is that they are available in different materials that you can choose from depending on the affected tooth’s position, preference, and cost.

1. Stainless steel dental crowns

Stainless dental crowns are pre-made teeth caps usually fixed on permanent teeth as a temporary measure. The dentist can give you stainless steel crowns to protect a dental filling as you wait for the permanent crowns to be made.

Because of their nature (they are fixed in one dental visit and do not need much dental preparation), stainless steel crowns are used on children with teeth decay. These crowns are fixed on primary teeth to act as shields, and they fall out naturally as the permanent teeth begin to come out.

2. Metal dental crowns

Metal crowns are made of alloys that contain gold, platinum, nickel, and other types of metals. These dental crowns are the most durable and can withstand the constant chewing and tend to last longer. They fall on the higher side when it comes to price. Another drawback is that the crowns are very visible and ideal for out-of-sight teeth like the molars.

3. Porcelain dental crowns

Porcelain is the most commonly used dental crown because it resembles your natural teeth in appearance and gives a seamless look. They are stain-resistant and very durable, lasting for about 15 years. The porcelain crowns are biocompatible, meaning they are gentle on the gums and rarely cause any irritation, making them ideal for people who have metal allergies.

However, they are not as strong as the metal crowns and can chip, crack, loosen, or break without proper care. If you suffer from bruxism, it is recommended to consider the metal or other types of crowns. This is because these crowns will weaken with the constant grinding and clenching of the teeth.

Also, though they are stain-resistant, they can discolor with time if you overindulge in drinking wine, coffee, and tea.

4. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are made of metal on the inside and porcelain on the outside, which makes them look like natural teeth.

PFM crowns are ideal for severely damaged or decayed teeth. They are also used to restore missing teeth. The porcelain-fused-to-metal bridges contain two PFM crowns and a fake tooth. The PFM crowns are very durable. But on the downside, the metal underneath can show through as a dark line, especially at the gum line.

These crowns are a good choice for both front or back teeth.

5. Resin dental crowns

Resins crowns are expensive and can be fixed on one dental visit. However, they wear down with time and become more prone to breakage. The resin crowns are ideal for the front teeth because they don’t get a lot of chewing pressure.

How Are the Dental Crowns Fixed?

Dental crowns in Tucker, GA, are fixed in a few steps in two or three dental visits.

  • Dental examination. Our dentist in Tucker will assess your dental, structure, and gums to check for decay or cavities. If decay is present, the dentist will first remove before fixing the crowns.
  • Teeth preparation. After numbing the gums, the dentist will trim off the enamel to accommodate the dental crowns. A mold of your dental structure is taken to create the permanent crowns, and a temporary crown is fixed to protect the teeth from sensitivity.
  • On the second dental visit, the dentist will remove the temporary crowns and replace them with permanent ones. The dentist can schedule a follow-up visit to check how the gums are holding up.

Take Away

Dental crowns are safe, but they can sometimes develop some side effects like sensitivity, chipped or lost crowns, and discolored gum line. Fortunately, the dentist can help prevent these problems. Visit Smile 2 You Dental Center for more information on dental crowns and how to maintain them.

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