Things You Need to Know When Encountering Dental Emergencies

Things You Need to Know When Encountering Dental Emergencies

Aug 01, 2020

Dental emergencies never occur at predetermined times. Injuries to your teeth, gums, oral infections, and other dental issues or problems that shouldn’t be ignored, but unfortunately, they always occur beyond office hours or on holidays. Ignoring the overall problem makes you susceptible to permanent damage resulting in the need for extensive and expensive treatments later on.


The speed at which dental emergencies occur can surprise you, leaving you uncertain about what is wrong with your or your family’s dental health. Everyone could be having fun riding bicycles, and suddenly a member of your family may fall and get up holding a knocked-out tooth in his or her hand. The situation leaves you wondering what you must do to encounter the problem effectively. Here are a few suggestions that help during dental emergencies.


Tooth Pain


If you or any member of the family suffers from tooth pain, using warm water to rinse the mouth is recommended. If the toothache causes swelling, you can use cold compresses on the cheek for relief. Over-the-counter pain medications are also useful, but you will need prescription pain relievers from your dentist because the pain can be excruciating. Therefore you should not be waiting for long before you contact the dentist.


Loss of a Permanent Tooth


You will need immediate treatment if you are injured in the mouth resulting in the loss of a permanent tooth. Find the knocked-out tooth and rinse it in water by holding the crown and not the roots. Place the tooth between your cheeks if you are unable to put it into its socket. If you cannot, place the tooth in a cup of milk, call your dentist right away, and try to reach him or her within the hour to have the tooth reinserted.


Oral Infections


Good oral health is essential to leave you with a healthy body. When you do not maintain proper oral hygiene, it can affect your quality of life. Missing teeth, oral infections, and pain can change the way you eat, socialize, and speak. The mental, social, and physical well-being is also affected to reduce your quality of life. Oral infections are a sign of subtle oral diseases and need to be treated at the earliest. Chronic and severe mouth problems are concerning and shouldn’t be ignored because there is a link between oral and overall health. Oral diseases can worsen other health conditions and cause issues like respiratory illnesses in older adults, strokes, heart disease, and diabetes. Therefore it is essential to maintain excellent oral hygiene and a healthy mouth as a significant part of overall well-being.


What Can You Not Do During Dental Emergencies?


You cannot panic when you or a family member encounter a dental emergency. You will undoubtedly be distressed thinking about the impact the dental issue can have on your appearance and your financial well-being. However, contacting the urgent dental care center near you is a better option than worrying about your appearance or the costs you will be required to pay for having the issue treated.


Rushing to an emergency room at a hospital will be another thought in your mind with the belief that the hospital has the facilities to deal with dental emergencies. This is another error you should avoid making. Emergency rooms do not have dental professionals on call or the equipment needed to treat such problems effectively. They just provide pain relievers and antibiotics and suggest you visit your dentist while charging you exorbitant fees.


Whenever you or any member of your family encounters dental emergencies, you can research for an emergency dentist near you or visit the emergency dentist in Tucker, GA, for the treatment required. This dental professional is always available to treat dental emergencies beyond office hours and even on holidays. It would be helpful if you stored the contact number of this dentist in your cell phone because it will help you to overcome stressful times.


Besides accidents, dental emergencies occur when you do not maintain proper oral hygiene and neglect visits to your dentist for examinations and cleanings. Visiting your dentist regularly helps the professional to detect problems in your mouth to create a customized treatment plan helping you to stay away from dental emergencies. Use the suggestions provided if you are still uncertain about what you should do when encountering dental emergencies.

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