Denture Repairs in Tucker, GA

Knowing when your dentures need to be repaired is a very important part of owning dentures. Believe it or not, our jaws tend to shrink and reshape over time. This gradual change can keep our dentures from fitting properly.

Here at Smiles 2 You Dental Center, our dentist in Tucker understands the importance of proper denture care. We can ensure that our patients receive the best care and denture repairs ever offered.

How do I Know When My Dentures Need To be Repaired?

Knowing when there is an issue with your dentures is very important. Here are some reasons why you need denture repair:

  • If at any moment, you notice that your dentures are no longer fitting properly (as in, they continue to slip and slide while talking or chewing), odds are, something is amiss.
  • Another good indicator that your dentures may need work, is if they have become a discomfort.
  • Oftentimes, patients experience mouth sores or sensitive gums due to ill-placed or ill-fitted dentures. These sores or even cuts can lead to pain and serious infections.
  • Apart from these tell-tell signs of denture malfunction, it is always a good rule of thumb to replace or repair your dentures every five to seven years.
  • Keeping them fresh and new can give you the immediate satisfaction you need to wear your dentures proudly.

Types of Denture Repairs

There are several different types of repairs utilized by specialists in order to properly repair dentures:

a) Denture Relining: allows your dentures to fit snuggly in your mouth. This is done by resurfacing the side of the denture itself. Once it is resurfaced, your dentures should fit without any issue whatsoever.

b) Rebasing: is another repair that can be made to your dentures. During rebasing, the acrylic substance is remade and given a new base.

c) Simple Adjustments: can be made to your dentures. From resizing to reshaping, these adjustments allow for more comfort and ease of use.

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Denture repair is an easy step to feeling confident in your smile. Keeping them working properly is essential for any wearer. So book an appointment with us at Smiles 2 You Dental Center, and get the repairs you need to be done, today!

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