How to Fix Dentures

How to Fix Dentures

Jan 01, 2021

When you lose a few or all teeth, it becomes quite challenging to chew, speak, and it affects your smile drastically. Luckily, you can fix this problem with the help of dentures. Dentures will restore your bite, speech and enhance your smile.

Unfortunately, they don’t last forever, and sometimes they get broken. Luckily, they can be repaired. In this blog, we will discuss denture repairs in detail. Hopefully, the information will help you decide what to do with your broken dentures.

Can Dentures Be Repaired?

Yes, dentures can be repaired. Some people throw away their dentures when they get broken, but the truth is most problems can be fixed. You can do it yourself if the damage is not too bad, but we always recommend our patients to go for professional help.

What Causes Broken Dentures?

Your dentures can get damaged because of several reasons, including:

Natural Wear and Tear

Dentures are not designed to last forever. With time, they will start chipping and eventually break. However, they are durable enough and always worth the price. Typically, an average denture will last at least six years.


Dentures are not fragile, but that does not mean they cannot break when you drop them. That’s why it is vital to be very careful while cleaning your dentures not to drop them. They can also get broken if the wearer is involved in an accident. Although accidents are inevitable, try to be extra careful while cleaning your dentures.

Improper Use

Dentures are strong, but that does not mean you can use them to crush ice, bite nails, or pens and pencils. You need to be careful with your treatment if you want it to last long.

Ill-Fitting Dentures

If your dentures don’t fit perfectly, it can lead to treatment failure and broken dentures. In most cases, ill-fitting dentures are a result of bone loss, but it can also be a result of poor work by the dentist. That’s why it is crucial to find an experienced dentist for the treatment.

Fixing Broken Dentures

Once your dentures are broken, it does not mean that’s the end of them. They can still be repaired and restored to perform as they did when they were new. Here are a few approaches for common denture damages.

Broken Denture Tooth Repair

If the artificial tooth falls out of the denture, don’t panic. Call your dentist, book an appointment, take it there, and it will be fixed. However, if you want to try the DIY approach, here is how to go about it.

  • Take the denture out, clean it, dry it off, and ensure the tooth goes in the right place.
  • Apply some superglue on the artificial tooth and attach it to the denture.
  • Give it some time to dry and get rid of any excess material.

Since the denture goes to your mouth, there will be a toxic taste because of the chemicals in superglue. The fix will not last for long, but it can make do before you visit the dentist for professional help.

Alternatively, you can use a denture repair kit. Denture repair kits come with instructions on how to fix broken dentures.

Cracked Denture Repair

If the denture falls while cleaning and breaks in half, that’s a serious problem. Don’t even try to repair it yourself because you will most probably get it wrong and make the denture impossible to repair. A cracked denture is only repairable if you can get it to exactly how it was before it broke. This is not an easy thing to do if you don’t have the skill. That’s why we recommend taking it to the dentist and having it repaired.

How Much Does Denture Repair Cost?

The cost of repair is not constant. It will be determined by several factors, including the extent of the problem, your dentist’s experience, and the location of the clinic. However, the repair cost is affordable, and it will cost you much less to repair than buy a new set of dentures. We are here for you if you are looking for denture repair in Tucker, GA.

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