Here Are Five Things Every Person With Dentures Needs To Know

Here Are Five Things Every Person With Dentures Needs To Know

Jul 01, 2020

You cannot speak of tooth replacement in dentistry without bringing up dentures in Tucker GA. For many years now, dentures have been recognized as the go-to dental appliances for replacing missing teeth.

Today, modern dentistry has it that dentures center near you has something for everyone. All you need to do is seek treatment. When your teeth have been replaced by dentures, things will be different, and you must be prepared for it.

What Are Dentures?

They are a set of artificial teeth, attached to a gum-like base, which is used to replace missing teeth. For the longest time now, dentures have been popularized as a tooth replacement alternative for full-mouth restorations. However, dentures are far much more than that.

Dentures today are versatile because of the differences in dynamics. Today some dentures can replace fewer teeth in your mouth, as opposed to replacing all your teeth.

Types Of Dentures in Dentistry

Different types of dentures used in restorative dentistry, depending on the result you are after, as well as the number of teeth you need to be replaced.

The first category features complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used for full-mouth restorations, while partial dentures replace multiple teeth in a row.

On another light, some dentures are pre-made, while others take time to make. The pre-made dentures are called immediate dentures while the others are custom-fitted dentures. Custom-fitted dentures are more comfortable to wear, even though it takes time before they are ready for installation. They are preferable to immediate dentures because, while your dentures are being created, your gums have time to heal properly. Since the gum tissue tends to shrink after healing, it adds up that the final fit of your dentures will be much comfortable than getting immediate dentures.

Notable Facts About Dentures

A dentist in Tucker GA is charged with the tasks of properly placing dentures in your mouth. Beyond that, you need to know a thing or two about the new set of replacement teeth you have, if you are to properly care for them. Some of the important things you should know are:

  1. Most dentures are removable – the dentist near North Lake will most likely place dentures in your mouth that you can remove by yourself. This allows you more flexibility with your dentures, especially when they are full-mouth restorations.
  2. Dentures can be permanent – while most are removable, dentures can be installed permanently. All you need is to have dental implants strategically inserted in your mouth as the support for the dentures. The implants will hold your dentures permanently. In this case, they are referred to as Implant-supported dentures.
  3. Soreness is anticipated – as you walk home with a new set of teeth, be aware that soreness is part of the trade-off. Since dentures are a foreign thing in your oral cavity, you will experience bulkiness that also comes with soreness. Adding to that, you may also notice that the amount of saliva in your mouth increases, particularly on the first couple of days after you get the dentures. Before you freak out, understand that this effect is not forever. As you get used to the new smile, the dentures will feel more natural. The reason is that the muscles of your jaw, cheeks, and even tongue will adjust to having dentures.
  4. Proper denture aftercare is crucial – having a set of artificial teeth does not give you a leeway to slack in your oral health. If anything, you should be more aggressive and intentional about caring for your oral cavity. Keep the dentures clean using the tips you get from your dentist.
  5. Eating and talking takes practice – whether you get partial or complete dentures, eating with the dentures will take some getting used to. This is the reason why your dentist will advise you to start eating soft foods first. As you reintroduce your mouth to eating, the muscles of your mouth will gradually accommodate the dentures as the replacement teeth. On matters speech, the same applies. It may be difficult at first, but with some practice, things will feel better. Be patient with yourself especially when it comes to pronunciation of certain letters and words.
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