Dental Exams and Cleaning: A Choice for Optimal Dental Health

Dental Exams and Cleaning: A Choice for Optimal Dental Health

Sep 01, 2021

The teeth are a very important part of the body. It helps to grind food and aids the digestion process. It also helps to give us a beautiful smile which contributes to our general beauty. This is why it is important to routinely go for Dental Exams & Cleaning in Tucker, GA.

What are Dental Exams & Cleaning?

Dental exams are another preventive measure after brushing and flossing that will ensure that you have healthy teeth. If you visit the office of any dentist near you for a dental exam, the dentist or hygienist will thoroughly check your teeth for signs of tooth decay or any gum diseases. If there are any, you will immediately begin to receive treatment to resolve the disease. The dentist will also check your mouth, gums, neck, and even your face for any irregularity that might be caused by poor oral health. In some cases, the dental exam might include other procedures like a dental X-ray and so on.

Dental Exams & Cleaning Process

After examining your teeth, your dentist or hygienist will give you professional teeth cleaning that will help to flush out any particles hidden in between your teeth that could not be removed by brushing or flossing. This teeth cleaning will also help to neutralize bacteria and make the teeth stronger.

At the end of your dental exam and cleaning, your dentist or hygienist will talk to you about oral hygiene: what you should do and what you avoid to ensure the good health of your teeth. The dentist will also teach you ways to brush and floss properly. If you are involved in an activity that can affect your oral health, your discussion with your dentist might touch the area. Also, the dentist might suggest cosmetic dentistry procedures for you if you want to improve your teeth.

It is important to regularly go for dental exams but the frequency of the visit will be determined by your dentist. People who have few or none of their natural teeth remaining will need to visit the dentist more frequently for dental examination and to make sure that their replacement teeth are properly maintained.

Procedure to get a Dental Exam or Cleaning

  • If you have a dentist, the first thing you need to do is to schedule an appointment for your exam. If you do not have one, ask people for recommendations or go online to search for any dentist near you. Make sure that the location of the dentist is not distant from your location.
  • Also, ensure that you can use your health insurance as means of payment for the services of the dentist. Ask questions about how the dentist charges patients and payment options to know if you can afford the treatment.
  • When you find a dentist that is qualified and checks other boxes, you can call the dentist’s office to schedule an appointment. If you feel nervous about going for the exam, you can go along with a member of your family or your friend.
  • During the dental exam, the dentist will examine your oral and overall health. Your teeth will be checked for any signs of tooth decay, gum or bone disease, and so on. If there is any need for treatment or replacement of your teeth, the dentist will let you know. Stains and any hidden particle in your teeth will be removed during a dental exam and your teeth will be properly cleaned using a special fluoride. Depending on the condition of the teeth, you might be subjected to further diagnosis during a dental exam.
  • As part of the dental exam and cleaning in Tucker, GA, your dentist will discuss your health issues with you and advise you on how to observe oral hygiene. You might also be counseled about your diet and other lifestyles that contribute to oral health.
  • A dental X-ray is used to reveal images of your teeth so that the dentist can check some places that are not visible to the eyes. Although they are not always used during dental exams, if there is a need, your dentist will let you know before asking you to do a dental X-ray. An impression of your jaws might also be taken to study your bite. Sometimes, these impressions are sent to a lab to produce aligners or mouth guards.
  • One visit to the dentist is not enough. You must schedule follow-up visits with your dentist so you can come back for another dental examination and professional teeth cleaning.

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