4 Compelling Reasons To Get Dentures Repairs

4 Compelling Reasons To Get Dentures Repairs

Dec 01, 2021

What are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial replacement teeth you have in your mouth after losing all your teeth or getting them extracted. Dentures help restore the functionality of your mouth and appearance by giving you artificial teeth resembling natural teeth. While dentures undoubtedly help restore some of your mouth’s functionality after losing your teeth, they are not as durable as your natural teeth and require regular maintenance.

If you manage to break the dentures for any reason, the lack of dental appliances to replace the missing teeth can disrupt your life and cause discomfort. In such cases, it makes sense for you to schedule an appointment with Smiles 2 You Dental Center for denture repair as soon as possible to ensure you don’t have to experience pain and risk developing various other oral health issues.

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Seek Denture Repairs?

The durable, repairable, and comfortable acrylic resin holds your dentures together. However, the base of dentures becomes thinner over time, making them prone to breakage. Having broken dentures lead to an uneven bite and causes various oral health issues. This article provides four reasons that compel you to seek denture repair from the dentist near you in a hurry.

Restore Functionality and Appearance

After getting accustomed to your artificial teeth, you wouldn’t want to lose the functionality and the benefits they provide to your appearance, would you? Broken dentures can make you conscious of your speech and appearance. Denture repairs restore the natural appearance and performance of the appliance to give you a healthy smile.

Reduce the Discomfort and Pain

Broken dentures turn into ill-fitting appliances by rubbing against the gums and causing irritation. If you do not get denture repairs in Tucker, GA, you risk having a misaligned bite and jaw pain. Alignment issues with your dentures can also cause ear pain and headaches.

Prevents Movement the Remaining Teeth

If a tooth or two go missing on the denture, the loss affects the balance of your bite into leading to shifting of the other teeth. In addition, teeth in the opposite jaw near the gap are adversely affected because counteracting forces are not present. As a result, the opposing teeth may vertically move to expose their roots, becoming susceptible to tooth decay. The dentist Tucker, GA, can replace the missing tooth, helping the appliance retain its original position.

Maintaining Gum Health

Ill-fitting and broken dentures cause inflammation, blisters, and irritation. If left untreated, the problems result in gum infections or gum disease.

Caring for Your Dentures

Dentures withstand the total forces of chewing, and they maintain your bone diversity. The dental appliance functions like your natural teeth exerting similar pressure against your jawbone. As a denture wearer, you must schedule appointments with your dentist every six months to have the professional evaluate the denture fit, jawbone, and gum health.

You help yourself by not assuming dentures as artificial appliances do not require any maintenance because they undoubtedly do. Removable dental devices become brittle when not maintained appropriately. Store them in denture solution for water when not using them. Dentures as dental appliances require cleaning every night with a soft toothbrush to support them in optimal condition. You can use a soft cloth to place the dentures in the sink when cleaning them to prevent accidental falls and breakage. Please do not use hot water to clean the dentures because the heat can warp the acrylic to cause an improper fit.

If you accidentally damage your dentures, you may receive plenty of suggestions to consider fixing your dental appliances yourself. However, it would help if you refrained from using over-the-counter products to repair your dentures, getting help instead from the dentist nearby providing denture repair services. You may damage your dental appliance permanently by using DIY methods and require the replacement of the entire set. On the contrary, if you use the services of a professional, you can receive your dentures needed within a day or two to have your dental appliance back in your mouth with just minimal discomfort and costs.

When wearing dentures, you must develop habits to maintain them like your natural teeth even though they are artificial appliances. Losing your dentures even for a day causes plenty of discomfort by affecting several areas of your life. Therefore if you need denture repairs for any reason, you must contact the professionals mentioned in this article for help.

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