10 Latest Development in Emergency Dentistry

10 Latest Development in Emergency Dentistry

Jan 01, 2022

Dentistry, like many other fields of human health, is evolving rapidly. Advancement in technology is ushering in new dental technology that enhances treatment efficiency and minimizes the technical processes involved. The latest development in emergency dentistry also allows patients to recover quickly.

Both patients and dentists benefit significantly due to the innovations in emergency dentistry. The support provided by digital technologies can improve your life massively. The latest technology helps many people to achieve better dental hygiene. Some are usable at home, while the rest are usable in dental offices.

New technologies are best suited to fit patients’ needs effectively. If you require the services of an emergency dentist near you, Smiles 2 You Center offers emergency dentistry in Tucker. You can book an appointment and take advantage of the most recent technologies in the dental sphere.

Latest Technologies in Emergency Dentistry

Here are the latest technologies in emergency dentistry:

Digital Dental Scanner

Although the dental scanner dates back to the 1980s, it’s received massive improvements to enhance its functionality. The digital imaging machine can detect a patient’s health with just a single scan of the mouth.

The dentist near you does not need to spend many hours taking x-rays and analyzing them. Furthermore, customer-customized scanners are available for personal use at home.

Laser Dentistry

Recently, laser technology has gained popularity across the dental field. The technology has reduced the reliance on medications and numerous dental procedures such as surgeries. Laser technology helps cure several dental-related infections thanks to the laser energy emitted.

Laser energy sterilizes and coagulates blood vessels to reduce the risk of infection. Laser dentistry is essential since it reduces pain in most dental procedures. It also reduces bleeding and prevents uncontrolled swelling in gum disease treatment. It’s ideal for patients requiring less recovery time and patients that need dental bonding.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances change your life considerably. A smart mirror helps you to track your dental routine the gum health. Interestingly, some mirrors indicate the health of your gums when you smile. Although it may look scary initially, researchers are working tirelessly to improve the UI and program it better.

Dental Practice Software

The dental practice software is like personal assistants to dentists. They are in the form of digital apps and programs. They help the dentist by giving them a rundown of dental infections. They include the symptoms, causes, risks, and treatment options. Some are very advanced since they have videos and audio clips of dental licensing exams.

Robots in Dentistry

Artificial intelligence helps in shaping the technology for emergency dentistry. The robots are efficient and effective since they better analyze diseases, thus yielding quality service. Remarkably, some dental health organizations use robots in countries with minimal to no dentists.


It is an easy, painless, and speedy technique to eradicate tooth decay. It contains ozone (03), the famous natural gas that’s highly effective in killing bacteria and fungus. It’s critical to detect and eliminate early signs of tooth decay.


Dentists use a new innovative device to detect cavities in areas where regular x-rays cannot find them. It thoroughly checks your mouth for early signs of cavities which is essential. It helps you spend less time and money on maintaining your dental health.

Nitrous Oxide and IV Sedation

Nitrous oxide calms patients to the extent of interacting with the dentist yet is very relaxed. Alternatively, a dentist can use IV sedation which lets the patient sleep entirely, so they don’t realize what is happening. These are for patients who fear visiting the dentist or painful emergency procedures such as wisdom tooth extraction.

Zoom! Whitening

It is a modern whitening treatment that yields results easily and is incredibly fast. In addition, you need one dentist appointment and Zoom! Whitening makes a substantial change in your smile. You can now walk into the dentist’s office for tooth whitening before proceeding to an event on the same day.

Dental X-rays

Digital x-rays are faster and contain less radiation than conventional x-rays. The digital x-ray performs the x-ray and displays the image on a computer within a few seconds. Your dentist can zoom in and out of the picture, thus gaining better clarity about your oral health. Digital x-rays are also beneficial to patients since they contain 90% less radiation.

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